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The Power of Mentorship

I am the product of what mentorship looks like when people pour into you and groom you for opportunity.  It started with my parents, particularly my dad.  At each juncture of my life he would inform me about the new chapter in which I was the author.  I've always approached each opportunity in this fashion and saw myself as a power player in my story.  My purpose is  to align coaching with tools for the clinician to get to the next level...whatever that is for you!


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Mentor Moment

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Clinical Writing Course

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

My four part course is for teachers, parents, and BCBAs too

Teaching Talk

If you have contact with learners who are not yet fluently speaking because of autism, apraxia, motor speech coordination challenges, this four part course is for you.  We will give parents and professionals tools to identify and pin point where to start.  Parents  learn how to Take10 and work with their children no matter how busy (kid and parent are)!  Course at your own pace, FB Live, Community, and homepractice...yes!

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